Bricks Without Borders,
a community outreach project,
sharing the joy of learning through play.

Who We Are

Bricks Without Borders is an ongoing community outreach project with the aims of driving transformation at a grass roots level, working with the South African LEGO community, and other institutions, to provide an activity that will allow skills development in a fun playful environment.

Initiated in November 2017, with an initial play session including a small group of 11 children interacting with members of a South African LUG (LEGO users Group) The project currently supports structured and unstructured play activities for over 100 children. These activities are offered in the form of a free of charge extra mural activity held at schools and through various play sessions.

What We Do

We use LEGO as an educational meduim, creating fun games and activities for a wide range of children


Volunteers at our play sessions include experienced child and adult members of the LEGO community, teachers, members of faculty and students from the University of Pretoria.


Depending on the age of the participants games include 6 bricks activities formulated by LEGO foundation and Builders club cards from Care for education. Structured building activities and tasks are integrated with creative play and physical activity.

Skills transfer through interaction

Children benefit from various forms of interaction, teachers, parents, family etc. Interaction with other children very valuable. By widening the scope of interaction. I.e., interaction with LUG members, who are experienced LEGO builders is useful in allowing children to develop new ways of understanding and interacting with 3d objects and how they fit together. 

Social Development

We encourage children to explore new ways of communication and provide an opportunity for the children to engage in social interaction with people they would not otherwise engage with. Tasks require teamwork and collaboration between groups is necessary for completion.


Most of all play sessions are designed to be fun. It is a space for creative thinking and self-exploration and expression.


Children attend and participate LEGO exhibitions, and other social activities. They can meet South Africa’s best LEGO artists and be inspired by the amazing creations.  

past events

Here are some of our favorite pictures from our play session and other events.

New Bricks

New DUPLO supplied by LEGO foundation

Rural North West Province

Play session with children who have never played with LEGO before

Fun with 6 Bricks

Games hosted by members of jhbLUG during their year end function

Weekly Classes

Classes held 3 times a week in the east rand

Builders Club

Trying out builders club card activities during school holidays


Biggest LEGO event of the year!

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Smiles all round

Having fun at the jhbLUG year end function

Free building using DUPLO

Memory Game

A short game where children put together a brick sequence from memory

organisations Involved

Organisations we have had the priviledge to work with.

Bricks Stepped On
Dropped MOCS
Cat Demolition of Builds
Smiles per Session

Get In Touch

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Where to Find Us

PO Box 22345.
Crystal Park,